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Super Bowl Halftime Show Memorabilia Kit


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Nadel created a custom kit for XO Records to commemorate the Weeknd's award-winning halftime performance at the 2021 Super Bowl. The kit included a selection of XO Records-branded keepsakes: a professional-grade football, The Highlights CD, an acrylic Rubik's Cube, a set of matches, and a luxe soy candle (with a scent that the Weeknd personally selected). 

All products were kept safe in foam molded to each piece's shape and a box that was branded on all sides. 

The Challenge

The Weeknd was the first Canadian artist to headline the Super Bowl half-time show and XO Records came to us requesting a custom kit to memorialize the historic night.

The request came at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic—our team had to think fast and creatively to navigate tough challenges, including global shipping delays. Despite these obstacles, we remained true to our exceptionally high standards; we wanted to provide XO Records with something worthy of one of the biggest, most-decorated musical artists of our time. It needed to be sleek, elevated, and completely unforgettable.

The Rubik's Cube is custom made with a luxurious acrylic material. 

The Process

It all started with the high-end acrylic Rubik's Cube. Because we needed to be conscious of shipping costs, the Rubik's Cube is hollow (to our knowledge, this was the first time a hollow Rubik's Cube was manufactured!). From there, the kit evolved organically, with each aspect perfectly falling into place, thanks to our robust network of vendors. The scented candle offered a personalized touch and the football felt like a collector's item. The Weeknd himself provided the final sign-off on the kit. 

The Results  

With a quick turnaround of a little more than three months, we exceeded XO Records' expectations for what a custom kit could be. With concierge-style service, we collaborated closely with their team to ensure every detail of their elaborate vision was achieved from end to end. Each piece of this kit is intended to be held, used, and enjoyed.

Set the mood with the aromatic candle.

Try your hand at the Rubik's Cube. 

Jam out the Weeknd's greatest hits...it's all part of the experience.

A sleek velvet overlay ups the wow factor when unboxing. 


"This was such an exciting project to work on and the best part is seeing the merchandise out in the world and watching people interact with it. It's really the exceptional level of service that allows us to work on amazing projects like this one. Clients trust us to get the job done well."

BEN GOLDBERG, Brand Consultant at Nadel

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