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Netflix has more than 12,000 employees around the world. The streaming giant called on Nadel to refresh their employee store to improve logistics, expand creative capabilities, and provide a more retail-feeling experience for shoppers. Nadel built the e-commerce platform from the ground up, activated warehouses across the globe to manage fulfillment and distribution, and launched the employee store with more than 1,000 custom-branded SKUs.  

The Challenge   

As a growing, global company, Netflix wanted a way to bring their employees branded merchandise that they would actually love. Before collaborating with us, Netflix felt like branded merchandise was always an afterthought, instead of something that was timely and integral to their culture. Moreover, by activating our fulfillment network, Netflix drastically reduced its need to ship internationally. 

The Process 

Netflix passed complete ownership of their employee store over to us. Thanks to our steadfast partnerships with warehouses and factories in several countries, we were able to seamlessly address Netflix's fulfillment challenges and lower shipping costs. We have thrived in this role: a highly organized media calendar allows for proactive planning for Netflix's most popular releases as well as holidays, seasons, and honorary months (like Black History Month). Further, our team took the lead on designing and producing products to sell in the employee store, including gender-neutral apparel, stylish office supplies, functional drinkware, and so much more.

The Results

With our skilled team leading the charge, Netflix's employee store has dramatically improved in terms of capabilities, cost, and customization. The e-commerce platform is as easy to navigate as your favorite online retailers' stores. Additionally, merchandise can be localized to meet the styles or customs of certain regions. For instance, a product that appeals to those in Hong Kong might not appeal as much to those in New Delhi or London. 

With a streamlined, user-friendly employee store, it's easy to rep your favorite streaming service. 

Special Features

  • Everything on the e-commerce store is gender neutral to provide an inclusive shopping experience.
  • The e-commerce store features Netflix-branded merchandise, in addition to merchandise for special launches, the platform's most-popular series, and employee resource groups.  



"It's always exciting to work with a client like Netflix because we have their corporate branding, but we also have a healthy dose of creativity and flexibility. We really get to lean into our agency side at Nadel to give this client a truly custom experience."


Sarah Kliewer, Brand Consultant at Nadel

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