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Nadel partnered with MAC Cosmetics to design and create four custom bags for various purposes. Two cosmetic bags were specially designed for their gift-with-purchase programs, and two of the bags were utilized for employee gifting. Each product request had its own creative brief, goals, and purpose. Our team worked with MAC to understand each request and deliver meaningful bags for each experience.


During the design process of the two cosmetic bags, the objective was to create a premium, seasonal experience that elevated the makeup products in the campaign. The pink cosmetic bag was inspired by The Bubbles and Bow Campaign whereas the white cosmetic bag was inspired by the Hyper Real Collection. We studied the products within the collection, and carefully selected fabric and embellishments to best compliment the product sets.

As for the employee gifts, we wanted to select products that were on-trend with the aim of promoting camaraderie and team spirit within the organization. We selected a backpack inspired by Dagne Dover and a fun fanny pack that could also be used as a crossbody bag. 


Nadel worked closely with MAC Cosmetics to design and manufacture four fully customized products on an international scale. Leveraging our strong relationships with overseas factories, we were able to design custom products with meticulous attention to detail. The design process involved brainstorming creative ways to showcase MAC's branding in a fun and trendy manner. The entire production process, from design to delivery, was completed within a tight timeline of 4-6 weeks, showcasing our efficiency and expertise in managing complex custom projects.


We successfully designed, produced, and delivered four unique custom bag options for MAC Cosmetics in 2022. We were thrilled to learn that two of the cosmetic bags were featured and sold out at Macy's, showcasing how much customers loved them. Additionally, our employee gifts were a hit! We can't wait to see what we create next.

"Working on projects like these is immensely rewarding, with two key highlights being the satisfaction of our clients and the opportunity to witness how consumers interact with the products we helped bring to life."


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