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When the COVID-19 pandemic completely turned our lives upside down, Sledgehammer Games (the development team behind video games like Call of Duty) asked Nadel to create a kit that would boost their company morale. The kit included quarantine-friendly activities for employees and their families.

The Challenge   

Because these kits were going directly to people's homes rather than offices, we had to think about the products in a new way—what was going to make someone smile? The pandemic impacted global supply chains, but thanks to our long-term relationships with vendors around the world, we were able to get creative and deliver the kits within a three-week timeline.

The Process 

This request came at the height of the coronavirus lockdown (Summer 2020) and we wanted to create a fun and lighthearted experience for Sledgehammer Games' employees. We brainstormed the types of products that might brighten someone's day when they're stuck at home and glued to the news. The kit ended up including a mug, checkers coasters, a light-up ball, and a Cubebot toy figurine. 

First impressions matter, so we chose a bright, energizing hot pink box—because who wouldn't be excited to receive something like that on their doorstep?! The interior was packed with multicolored crinkle paper to complement the playful items in the kit.


The Results

During such a difficult time, little things like this activity kit had a big impact in people's lives. The client loved the results, and appreciated the thought that went into everything from the product selection to the eye-catching packaging. 

Pauline Metzler, Brand Consultant

"Putting this gift together required us to think outside of the typical kits that we've created for our clients. Because it was going directly to people's homes, the items felt more personal. It was a good way to say, 'hey, we're going to get through this pandemic together.'" 

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