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Papaya Pet Care is taking a fresh approach to veterinary care for pets and the people who love them, with a user-friendly app, tiered memberships, and welcoming, pet-centric clinics. Their branding team, Ludlow Kingsley, worked closely with Nadel to create kits to warmly welcome new members and employees.


Papaya Pet Care's one-of-a-kind branding needed to shine across all of the kits, which are sent to Papaya's Plus Members, Premium Members, and Employees.  


This client had high expectations and a detailed brand to fulfill, but our strong network of Brand Consultants, manufacturers, and vendors were up to the challenge. We curated a selection of goods that Papaya's target audience—Millennial pet parents—would love to use in their everyday lives.

  • Papaya Plus Members with Dogs receive an illustrated tech bag, a tennis ball, a doggie bag dispenser, and dog pheromones.
  • Papaya Premium Members with Dogs receive all of the above in addition to a bandana and tote bag featuring Papaya's whimsical brand illustrations. 
  • Papaya Plus Members with Cats receive a tech bag and pheromones as well as a feathery cat toy and litter box scooper.
  • Papaya Premium Members with Cats receive all of the above in addition to a colorfully illustrated bandana and tote bag. 
  • Employees have an elevated onboarding experience with a printed tote bag, bandana, baseball cap, stainless steel water bottle, and lint roller (much needed after cuddling with pets all day!). 

Papaya Premium Members with Dogs Membership Kit

Each kit box was printed with Papaya's vibrant, playful illustrations and the products were kept in place with kraft paper cut into curls. Finally, the gift was completed with a welcome notecard, placed perfectly in the center of the box to await the recipient.


We received outstanding feedback for these kits, with Papaya employees and members commenting on not only the thoughtful selection of products, but also the expert execution and production of the kits. Papaya has continued working with our team to source and produce various other merchandise and in-clinic items, ranging from cozy post-op blankets and hoodies to dog toys and water bowls. Since opening in March 2022, Papaya has attracted more than 100 members and plans to open more clinics across Southern California. 

"A new go-to-market approach in veterinary care was an exciting challenge for Nadel to be part of. Our team of passionate pet owners dovetailed perfectly with both Ludlow Kingsley and Papaya to find those must-have items that also speak to Papaya's sense of style and on-trend aesthetic. The result was coveted gifts that convey how Papaya "gets it", understands pet needs, and ultimately what next-level pet care looks like."


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