Just Dance 2023 


  • Brand Promotion Design
  • Kit Curation
  • Unboxing Experiences
  • Kit Assembly + Packaging
  • Sourcing + Fulfillment Coordination
  • International Shipping


  • PR / Kit / Entertainment / Music

Imagine opening a box to find a dance party waiting inside! That's what Nadel created for Ubisoft to promote the launch of Just Dance 2023: a curated global influencer kit experience that brought the joy of dance to influencers all over the world.

The Challenge
Ubisoft connected with Nadel to create a thoughtfully curated box to send to key influencers. They looked to us to make a memorable, sharable experience that would offer extensive brand awareness for the launch of Just Dance 2023. They hoped the kit would inspire content creators to share their gift, generating excitement and buzz among their followers, ultimately driving game sales.

The Process

Nadel worked alongside the team at Ubisoft to develop a genuinely exceptional influencer gift box experience. The product selection was a critical aspect, ensuring that each item resonated with the brand and the intended target audience. Custom packaging was meticulously designed, marrying style and functionality to enhance the unboxing experience. Finally, and maybe most importantly, we ensured the gifts were distributed in a timely and efficient manner. 

The Results  

Our final box had a video of the game embed that would automatically play when the box was opened. It created such a fun and engaging surprise for all the recipients. It also included mini disco balls, a colorful light projector, custom speaker, custom hat, and polaroid camera to capture the party! Influencers absolutely loved the campaign—taking to social media to express their delight with the gifts and their excitement for the game. This authentic enthusiasm from influencers triggered a surge in game promotion, contributing significantly to increased sales.

"At Nadel, we thrive on challenges and delight in bringing our clients' imaginative ideas to life. Witnessing our projects explode on social media is truly rewarding, knowing that we help our clients build stronger customer relationships while achieving their marketing objectives."

Michelle Kajan, Brand Consultant

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